Society of the Standing Stone

Bedtime Stories

An Excerpt from the Diary of Talia

Something is preying on the children of London’s Wilshire Orphanage. Can you put a stop to it before any more lives are lost?

Played Friday, September 11th

It was an odd day in London town, as I was still getting used to being in England. Buildings, carts, and people everywhere, not like back home. At least there are still horses.


Charles Bell asked a group of us to look into a strange sleeping sickness that had befallen children of the Wilshire Orphanage. With the help of some new friends (OOC NOTE: If you were in this game, please edit and put your character name here!) we did some exploring. It was fun watching my new companions in their own element, especially that Dr. Frankenstein, who could not find any medical reason for the state of the children.

To be fair, I couldn’t figure it out, either. Nothing in the area was cause for it. After rigorous scrutiny, it turned out that the culprit was none other than the nun who was reading them bedtime stories! Her book was possessed of some strange magics, and I do not believe that she did it willfully. That poor woman.

Thankfully, the society is taking steps to get her the help she needs, in hopes of repairing the damage done by the tome. Only time will tell, however.


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