Adam Frankenstein

A Hideous Explorer who Conducts Weird Science.

Descriptor Type Focus
Hideous Explorer who Conducts Weird Science

Basic Stats

1 1 5 2 16/16 11/11 11/11

Recovery & Damage Track

Recovery Rolls 1d6+1
1 Action 10 Minutes 1 Hour 10 Hours
Damage Track
Impaired Debilitated
+1 Effort/level Move only immediate distance
Ignore minor/major effects If Speed=0, cannot move
Roll of 17+ is +1 damage

Special Abilities

  • Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons
  • No Need for Weapons (unarmed either light or medium)
  • Muscles of Iron (2 Might, might-based actions other than attacks -1 difficulty for 1 minute)
  • Lab Analysis (3 Intellect)


intimidation and fear-based interaction
disguise and stealth
pleasant social interactions


+4 Stat points +1 Edge +1 Effort Skill Training Other

Gear & Equipment

  • Collegiate tweed suit (in size XXXXL)
  • Wool longcoat
  • Long woolen scarf
  • Top hat
  • Medium handgun (Colt Army revolver)
  • Field laboratory kit/doctor’s bag
  • Camera kit, films, flash
  • 50 rounds ammunition
  • Handcuffs, keys
  • Cigar case with 4 decent cigars, matches
  • Whiskey flask filled with German cinnamon schnapps


  • Time Dilation (Defensive) (for 24 hours, all attacks against me modified 2 steps in my favor): Temporal Monocle


  • None


Adam is an imposing figure, standing nearly 8 feet tall when he stands up straight. His wiry form is usually in an awkward-looking stooped hunch, however, which makes him look merely large rather than enormous. He wears a well-made but worn tweed suit with ascot, usually topped with his silk top hat. In public, he also wears a long gray woolen scarf wrapped around his face, concealing most of his body. His exposed skin, stretched tight over powerful muscles, is a horrific sallow map of stitchwork, with mismatched skin-tones joined with jagged sutures. His hair is glossy black and styled as a gentleman might, but with startling white streaks along his scars. One of his sunken eyes is a deep brown, while the other is an ice blue. Those few who have seen him with his shirt off have refused to discuss the experience.


Adam speaks with a cultured vocabulary in his noticeable Swiss accent. He is nearly always extremely polite, but in times of stress, there is a sense that this civilized veneer is barely containing a seething inner rage. He is curious and logical, loving the opportunity to study, experiment, or debate science or philosophy. However, his keen, too-steady gaze gives many the impression that he would just as rather be vivisecting you as talking to you.


The background of Adam Frankenstein is shrouded in mystery. Details that he has let slip indicate that he may be far older than he looks, but he prefers not to discuss his past. Certificates and diplomas he displays indicate that he graduated from the University of Geneva College of Medicine in 1847, and that he earned a doctorate of philosophy in engineering from Oxford University in 1859. He has resided in London, doing grant research and working as adjunct faculty at Oxford, since that time. He resides in his private brownstone in Chelsea, attended by his very discreet butler, Chesterfield.


Adam may seem sociopathic in his dealings with others (and he probably is, technically), but he values life, and wishes to protect people from the depredations of both natural dangers (such as crime and disease) and unnatural ones. Therefore, in his spare time, he aids the police in such a capacity as he may on their investigations, providing forensic analysis in his private laboratory. He has even taken on a few private cases, when he found the cause to be just.

Adam Frankenstein

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