Polly Beck

Naive Speaker who Throws with Deadly Accuracy


Basic Stats

1 1 5 8/8 11/11 15/15

Recovery & Damage Track

Recovery Rolls 1d6+2
1 Action 10 Minutes 1 Hour 10 Hours
Damage Track
Impaired Debilitated
+1 Effort/level Move only immediate distance
Ignore minor/major effects If Speed=0, cannot move
Roll of 17+ is +1 damage

Special Abilities

  • Enthrall (1 Intellect point): While talking,
    you grab and keep another creature’s
    attention, even if the creature can’t
    understand you. For as long as you do
    nothing but speak (you can’t even move),
    the other creature takes no actions other
    than to defend itself, even over multiple
    rounds. If the creature is attacked, the effect
    ends. Action.
  • Aggression (2 Intellect points): Your
    words twist the mind of a character within
    short range who is able to understand you,
    unlocking her more primitive instincts. As a
    result, she gains an asset on her Might-based
    attack rolls for one minute. Action to initiate.
  • Erase Memories (3 Intellect points): You
    reach into the mind of a creature within
    immediate range and make an Intellect roll.
    On a success, you erase up to the last five
    minutes of its memory. Action.
  • Terrifying Presence (2+ Intellect points):
    You convince one intelligent target of level
    3 or lower that you are its worst nightmare.
    The target must be within short range and
    be able to understand you. For as long as
    you do nothing but speak (you can’t even
    move), the target is paralyzed with fear,
    runs away, or takes some other action
    appropriate to the circumstances. Instead
    of applying Effort to decrease the difficulty
    of the roll, you can apply Effort to increase
    the maximum level of the target. Thus, to
    terrorize a level 5 target (two levels above
    the normal limit), you must apply two levels
    of Effort. Action.
  • Precision. You deal 2 additional
    points of damage with attacks using
    weapons that you throw. Enabler.


Int Defense
Resisting Temptation
Seeing through Deception


+4 Stat points +1 Edge +1 Effort Skill Training Other

Gear & Equipment

  • Clothing
  • 3 Throwing Daggers
  • Light Handgun
  • Item 3
  • Leather Armor
  • Ammo (50)
  • Duct Tape
  • Torch (Flashlight)
  • Boot Knife
  • First Aid Kit
  • Two more Expensive Items

Polly Beck’s adventure started when she took a position as a maid for a reclusive gentleman in London. Her aim was to see more of the world than Bexley, and this seemed the way to do it.
The house was not too large, and she found the work really simple. She’d been put to work right away, but after the initial cleaning out, there wasn’t much work to do.
The gentleman had kept odd hours, but it had worked out nicely for Polly. She spent her mornings cleaning and dusting, then had the rest of the day to herself. She was careful to leave the Gentleman’s things ready for him before she went to bed, and she would hear him leaving the house near midnight.
The fact was, she rarely saw the man. Until she found him behind her one night, with his pale white skin and glowing red eyes. He said strange things to her, but all she could see where those fangs…..
Something had snapped inside her, and she was enraged. She’d felt three times her size, and had ripped into the creature with her words. It had cowered away from her, but she didn’t let up. How dare he? How DARE HE?

It had backed into a corner, and Polly was casting about for something with which to hit it with, when the front door had been broken down. Something had hit her in the back of her head, and she’d blacked out.

Mr. Cranston had apologized when she had come to. He had explained what had happened, and informed her that the vampire, which is what the gentleman had been, had escaped.

She was soon inducted into the order of the standing stone based on her blooming abilities. Polly now spends her time working at one house or another, collecting intelligence on suspected problems around London.

Polly Beck

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