Fritz Kallenbach

An Exiled Brawler who Rages


Basic Stats

1 1 0 16/16 12/12 8/8

Recovery & Damage Track

Recovery Rolls 1d6+X
1 Action 10 Minutes 1 Hour 10 Hours
Damage Track
Impaired Debilitated
+1 Effort/level Move only immediate distance
Ignore minor/major effects If Speed=0, cannot move
Roll of 17+ is +1 damage

Special Abilities

  • Extra Edge
  • No Need for Weapons
  • Trained Without Armor
  • Physical Skills (See Below)


Sneaking Tasks
Tasks involving Foraging, Hunting, and Finding Safe Places to Rest or Hide
Can’t be assisted by other players


+4 Stat points +1 Edge +1 Effort Skill Training Other

Gear & Equipment

  • Intricate Pocket Watch
  • Colt Army Revolver (Medium Handgun)
  • Hunting Knife
  • Cold Weather Camping Gear
  • Lantern
  • Backpack
  • Padlock with keys
  • Length of chain
  • Trail Ration (3 days)
  • Box of 50 rounds

Mountain, brute, monster; all of these words and more have been used to describe Friedrich “Fritz” Kallenbach. He’d be hard pressed to deny any of them.

Not much is known about Fritz. He’s been with the society for some time now, but he doesn’t speak much of his life before he became a member. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t speak about much at all.

One thing is certain, the enigmatic German doesn’t go out of his way to make many friends.

He spends most of his free time taking part in various bare knuckle boxing matches located in some of the less than reputable areas of the city. In addition, he seems to be spending an unusual amount of time in the company of Adam Frankenstein.

Fritz Kallenbach

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