Brash Explorer who is Licenced to Carry


Basic Stats

1 1 4 10/10 14/14 12/12

Recovery & Damage Track

Recovery Rolls 1d6+1
1 Action 10 Minutes 1 Hour 10 Hours
Damage Track
Impaired Debilitated
+1 Effort/level Move only immediate distance
Ignore minor/major effects If Speed=0, cannot move
Roll of 17+ is +1 damage

Special Abilities

  • Cypher Use — Can bear 2 cyphers at a time
  • Extra Edge — Speed Edge of 1 in addition to Might edge of 1
  • Gunner — +1 damage with guns
  • Practiced with light & medium weapons — can use without penalty, heavy weapons are at +1 difficulty
  • Practiced with guns — No penalties when using guns
  • Physical Skills — Jumping, Running
  • Trained without armour — Trained in speed defense when not wearing armour


Overcome/ignore fear effects
Overcome/ignore intimidation effects
Speed Defense (when not wearing armour)


+4 Stat points +1 Edge +1 Effort Skill Training Other

Gear & Equipment

  • Light pistol (Light weapon, short range) and 3 magazines of ammo
  • Cowboy clothing
  • Medium pistol (medium weapon, long range)
  • 2x expensive items
  • Hunting knife (light weapon, immediate range)
  • Handcuffs
  • 2 days trail rations
  • box of 50 shells
  • Flashlight


Memory Switch: Chose a point within long range; all thinking creatures within immediate range are attacked. Victims are dazed and take no action for a round, and have no memory of the past hour.
Condition Remover: Cures one occurrence of pimples.


Talia Elaine Maximillion, who goes by the moniker Tex, was born to an affluent family in New York, but was always in awe of the stories of cowboys in the West. Wanting to have adventures of her own, she left her family—who disowned her—to take up the mantle of a Texas Ranger.

While on the job, Talia had her fair share of ruffians while on the job, and a number of varmit hunting. However, none of it prepared her for the chupacabra incident of 1876. No one believed her, calling it wolves or cyotes. That is, until someone from the Society showed up on her doorstep. Since that fateful day, she’s been the local Society field agent in the West.

After a while of being in the West, Tex was called to the home office. She’s been working in England for a while now, and has taken it upon herself to teach Fritz Kallenbach the finer points of shooting. So far, he’s not that good of a student, prefering to let his fists do the talking.


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