Creating Characters

Characters start at first tier. Use the guidelines for Types and Foci on page 246 of the Cypher System rulebook. If the description for anything (skill, ability, focus, etc) has something modern, either skip it or refluff it to fit in the Victorian Age.

This is a group activity, and characters are expected to be team players. Don’t make a chaotic evil loners who want to plot and kill the rest of the party. None of us will have fun if you do that.

Feel free to confer amongst yourselves and work on shared backstories if you like. You’ll be required to choose at least one of the connections from your focus to attach to another character.

Character background

I’m not normally a fan of big character backstories. But this format is a little different. If you want to write a detailed history of your character, that’s fine. Keep a few things in mind:

  • Think about the supernatural occurrence that brought the Society to your attention, or you to theirs. The setting is really loose at this point, so if you have an idea, it will probably work, just run it by me.
  • Create at least one secret that your character knows, or has, and put it in a Player Secret section on your sheet so I can see it.
  • Create at least one goal that your character has, and put it in a Player Secret section on your sheet so I can see it.

The markup that Christopher created is here. Take a look at that, go into “edit” mode, then cut and paste all of that into your own character sheet and change the details.

Creating Characters

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