House Rules

I am not a fan of house rules. My primary house rule is to have as few house rules as possible. Still, sometimes it makes sense to stray from the beaten path slightly, and when doing so, to communicate it as clearly as possible.

Non-play XP rewards

What will really make this campaign shine is if people participate in the wiki. To that end, I am willing to offer an XP reward to players that contribute. Adventure reports will be vital in keeping everyone else in the game in the loop, and are a big hit at Society get-togethers. Character journals and “biographies in progress” can be fun. Pages about Victorian life and London will help flesh out the setting. I’m envisioning Supernatural’s Men of Letters archives in the later seasons.

  • Pages should be substantive. An adventure report of “Saw the monster. Killed it.” falls short of the Society’s standards and is not worthy of XP. Characters who are taciturn by nature might be able to get away with this, if there is a history and frequency of short missives.
  • Pages that are just pasted from somewhere else are not as interesting as something you write yourself. I can go to wikipedia and see London’s population curve through the 1800s, no need to repost it here.

Part of my job will be to keep the wiki organized and consistent.

I want to start slowly and err on the side of not inflating character growth, so there is a cap of 1 XP between sessions for wiki writing. I may allow that to be limited by time instead of sessions, which will let players advance who are excited and creative, but just can’t work out the scheduling. I may increase the reward or change the constraints once we get underway. I will make any changes very obvious if they happen.

House Rules

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