Oliver Duncan

A Sharp-Eyed Detective who Never Says Die.


Detective Constable, H Division

Oliver is a young plainclothes detective in his mid 20s. He wears the suit and waistcoat combination common in the late 19th century. He also usually wears a derby. His clothing is modern, but not overly expensive.

He kept his long army overcoat as a souvenir and will often wear it on cold nights.

Oliver is a keen observer and a dedicated police officer. He hates to give up, but sometimes his actions can be perceived as reckless.

Tier: 1 Effort: 1 XP: 0
Type: Warrior (p. 24)
Descriptor: Sharp-Eyed (p. 85)
Focus: Never Says Die (pg. 156)

Might: 12 Pool: 12 Edge: 1
Speed: 12 Pool: 12 Edge: 1
Intellect: 10 Pool: 10 Edge:

Effort: 1



You are trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor.

Cypher Use: (You can bear two cyphers at a time.)

Practiced With All Weapons: You can use any weapon. Enabler.

Special Abilities: (pg. 27)
Extra Edge
Quick Draw
Physical Skills

SHARP-EYED: You’re perceptive and well aware of your surroundings. You notice the little details and remember them. You can be difficult to surprise. You gain the following characteristics:

Skill: You’re trained in initiative actions.

Skill: You’re trained in perception actions.

Find the Flaw: If an opponent has a straightforward weakness (takes extra damage from fire, can’t see out of his left eye, and so on), the GM will tell you what it is.
Connection: Pick one other PC: Adam Frankenstein. You feel the overwhelming need to impress this character, although you’re not sure why.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You restore 2 points to your Might Pool.
Major Effect Suggestion: The difficulty of your next action is decreased by two steps.

Tier 1:
Rapid Recovery: Your ten-minute recovery roll takes one action instead, so that your first two recovery rolls take one action, the third takes one hour, and the fourth takes ten hours. Enabler.

Push on Through: (2 Might points) You ignore the effects of terrain while moving for one hour. Enabler.

Appropriate clothing, two Arcane Revolvers (Md.), plus one expensive item, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items.

Heal: 1d6

Background: You work as a police officer or constable of some kind. Everyone knows you, but their opinions of you vary.


Oliver Duncan’s grandfather was a lifelong soldier and a bit of a rogue. Even though he benefited from those exploits (fine clothes, public schooling, etc.) Oliver’s father was embarrassed by the old gentleman’s reputation.

Oliver was brought up ‘Properly’ by his father, who kept him away from his grandfather as much as possible (which of course only endeared him more to young Oliver).

Upon leaving school, rather than becoming a Man Of Business as his father had intended, Oliver joined the British Army. His father was not best pleased with this Act Of Rebellion and fully blamed Oliver’s grandfather for filling his head with Tales Of Nonsense.

Oliver was stationed in India for several years and it was there that he received a brief letter from his father informing him that his grandfather had died, the funeral had already been held and all his property dispensed with according to his Will, with nothing left to Oliver. His father had concluded with the hope that there would now be an end to All This Foolishness.

He took part in the five-month Duar War in Bhutan during 1864-65 and served entirely adequately, if not with distinction, and returned home soon after where he joined the London Metropolitan Police Department.

Which brings us to 1870…

Terror Stalks the Night!

Oliver Duncan

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